Judaism at Camp


Jewish culture and values form a thread that is woven into every aspect of camp life, but unlike more formal learning settings, the emphasis here is on fun. Our campers enjoy being Jewish and expressing their Judaism, which leads to good feelings and a stronger Jewish identity. Our program features games and songs that celebrate Judaism as well as special events like Israel Day–when campers learn and sing Israeli songs and participate in Israeli folk-dancing–with the goal of helping campers connect with their heritage. Creative Shabbat services, which campers help plan and lead, highlight the warmth and beauty that make Shabbat special and joyous.


Goals and Objectives for Camper Development:


  1. To provide programs and opportunities that enhance our campers’ knowledge of Judaism and pride in being Jewish, including singing Jewish songs each morning and afternoon, saying Jewish blessings before lunch, and participating in special Shabbat activities, such as hearing Shabbat stories and singing Shabbat songs with a local rabbi, making Shabbat arts and crafts projects, producing Jewish-themed dramatic productions, and saying the Jewish blessings over bread and wine
  2. To instill in our campers respect for, and appreciation of, Israel by devoting a full day each session to learning about and celebrating Israel through dance, song, food, art projects, decoration of the camp with Israeli posters and flags, and games such as “Jewpardy.”
  3. To teach Jewish values of performing mitzvot, expressing gratitude, being honest and fair, giving Tzedakah, and living with respect for others and our environment.